Closet Cleanup!

This past Sunday started off as a very lazy day at our place. That is until I brewed up some Cafe Bustelo..or as I lovingly call it, Cuban crack. I grew up watching my grandma brew this in her kitchen and it’s become a staple in mine. As you can imagine, I had a super high energy following my couple of cups, so I was looking for a daytime project. What better than a little spring summer cleaning!

As I do a couple of times a year, I took practically everything out of my closet and drawers for some refolding and a little purging. A few bags to the Goodwill later, my closet is feeling much lighter and ready for some pretty new pieces. Cue Pinterest!

My closet is small, but like this post about our patio, it’s definitely an upgrade from what we had down in LA. It’s funny how a little organization can not only make everything look better, but it just creates so much more room. Here are a couple of space savers that also helps in presenting your things in a beautiful way.

pretty dainty things

Bag Storage

The organizer not only helps to see what you have and make your dainty things look beautiful, but also keeps the lace out of danger of the hooks! (photo via Marcus Design Inc.)

This handbag cabinet, made easy by just removing the doors off any cabinet, is wonderful for organizing purses by size and seeing what you have. (photo via Lucky Magazine)

And just for fun, here are a few of my dream closets.
black closetwhite closetSATC ClosetNo closet post is complete without a little Carrie Bradshaw action.  I would die and go to heaven for this his and her closet.

Closet images in order from top down.  (Photos via Shelter Interior Design, Tumblr, Sweet Things Blog)


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